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Everyone loves a free Shopping Spree! We would like to show our appreciation to you for referring a group that is considering a fundraiser. It's easy; simply fill out the two forms below and select "Submit Referral". Place your information in the first section under "My Infrormation", then enter the information for the other group you are referring under "Referral Information".

Please provide all contact information requested. We will immediately follow up with the group you referred. Your referral qualifies if they are a new group (not a customer we have already worked with) and conducts a fundraising campaign selling more than 150 items. Once their sale ends, and their quantity is met, YOU WIN!

We will then send you a coupon code to access your free $40.00 Shopping Spree. Use this for any products on our web site. What a great way to enjoy free JumpinGoat products, share them with a friend or use as the perfect gift for a special occasion! 

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